Oplogic Sets the Pace with GM Premium CRM Launch

DETROIT, MI, November 14th, 2017Oplogic, a premier provider of CRM and related services for automotive dealerships, has begun the roll out of its Premium General Motors CRM to dealers across the US.

As a Certified provider of the Premium General Motors CRM, Oplogic provides GM dealers with enhanced data integration services specifically designed to streamline customer tracking and business development services.  Oplogic is considered an early adopter working closely with GM over the past year to develop advanced levels of integration to GM systems.

John Parent, President of Oplogic, said, “We are excited to be part of the early adopter program for the Premium General Motors CRM.  Our Oplogic team has worked in tandem with GM for several years to develop unique integration strategies. This provides GM dealers a powerful advantage through easy access to data within a powerful CRM product suite.” He continued, “In this hyper-competitive environment we arm dealers with tools to respond quickly to customers and help move them through the sales process.”

General Motors dealers using Oplogic CRM have seamless integration and easy access to valuable customer data providing improved customer communications, increased transparency, resulting in improved lead management and higher close rates. Additionally, dealers can use their iMR Match funds to cover all or most of the Oplogic monthly services.

General Motors dealers are invited to call (248) 655-0005 to schedule a tour and experience the Oplogic CRM platform.

About Oplogic

Oplogic (formally Wilson Technologies) was established in 2000, with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. As one of the automotive industry’s leading choices for a complete retail solution, Oplogic’s core competency provides a web-based tool for driving sales while achieving record profits for dealers. Oplogic’s CRM solution incorporates security and compliance requirements into a robust platform to most efficiently manage sales, finance and service operations. Today, Oplogic has evolved to be one of the leading national auto dealer solutions by providing extremely intuitive tools for CRM, ILM, telephony, BDC, inventory, desking, F&I, compliance, equity and training services. These tools standardize and streamline processes which enhance efficiency while building revenue and increasing profits for some of the largest dealer groups in the country. www.oplogic.com.  Call (248) 655-0005 to learn more about Oplogic solutions.